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Customer Reviews of Action Auto Glass in Portland, OR

Customer Reviews of Action Auto Glass in Portland, ORA broken car window or cracked windshield is nothing less than frustrating. To restore the condition of your vehicle you will need to find a reputable auto glass repair shop, key word being reputable. With many shops to choose from to repair your vehicle, how do you know which one will provide you with honest, quality service. A great place to start is with online reviews. These reviews of Action Auto Glass, an auto glass repair shop in Portland, will provide you with insight into how they conduct their business. As you'll find out, they are very interested in providing a quality customer experience.

After calling Safelite Auto Glass and getting a ridiculous quote I was searching and found Action Auto Glass and I'm glad I did. I called and spoke with Jimmy and he gave me a quote to fix the rock chip in my windshield and it was a great, reasonable price. He said I didn't need an appointment just to call one hour before I wanted to come in. I went in this morning and he fixed the rock chip quickly and I am more than pleased with the repair. - Erika M.

I went to Action Auto Glass about a month ago to get the windshield on my 2001 Toyota Solara replaced. Jimmy and the team were very kind, efficient, affordable, and the quality was top notch. The old windshield (aside from being cracked across in multiple places) also had some peeling chrome trim that was replaced by a new rubber gasket that looks fantastic and will hold up much longer. It's like turning the clock back on my car's age by 15 years! Only took about an hour and the price was right. - Alex M.

I had one of my windows busted into at 4pm on a Friday, and these guys were great about getting me in for a repair right away for the next day. They even offered to stay late so I could bring my car in and keep safe it in the garage overnight. The price for the overall repair was substantially less than the price quoted to me by my insurance company's recommended repair shop, too. 100% would recommend! - Anna H.

Wish I could give them more stars. Jimmy at Action Auto absolutely saved me. A biker hit my car, breaking a window, the afternoon before I was supposed to depart on a road trip. I called in, explained my situation, and they stayed open late to take care of me that night. I can't thank them enough for getting me back in the road so quick! Seriously outstanding work and customer service. - Guz R.

Amazing work! Amazing customer service! I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs their auto glass replaced and/or fixed! - Kaylie K.

Absolutely fabulous workmanship and customer service. They have replaced by rear glass in both my Toyota Tacoma and Mazda 3 thanks to the charming people in Portland breaking in to my cars. Each time they have done an excellent job coordinating with the insurance company, getting the correct parts, doing a quality install and getting my car back to me in timely fashion. Really appreciate their hard work and will continue coming to them for all my future glass replacement needs. - Sam W.

The team at Action Auto Glass knows how important your time is, which is why their work hard and fast to return your car as soon as possible, without sacrificing quality. If you need to schedule auto glass repair in Portland give our friendly crew a call at the location nearest you and we will be more than happy to help.

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