Common Causes of Auto Glass Damage

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Common Causes of Auto Glass Damage

Rock chips and windshield cracks can obscure visibility and should always be addressed quickly to optimize safety. Windshield cracks that are shorter than five inches can often be repaired, while longer cracks often necessitate windshield replacement. Rock chips that are smaller than a quarter are usually repairable, but you'll want to repair them soon because they're liable to grow in size to the point that windshield replacement becomes needed. You'll also want to take care of windshield damage so that your windshield is less likely to shatter in a collision. If your windshield does shatter during a rollover accident, your roof could be more likely to cave in. Here are five common ways that auto glass gets damaged.


If you were recently driving behind a big truck and then---pow!--- a rock glanced off your windshield, there's a good chance that the glass incurred significant damage. This is a difficult hazard to dodge, but you can reduce the risk of damage from kicked-up rocks by avoiding driving behind big rigs whenever safely possible. However, smaller vehicles are also capable of kicking up rocks.

Extreme Weather

An intense hail storm can cause damage to your auto glass, as well as to your vehicle's body. Also, during a strong windstorm, branches could come crashing down on your windshield and cause major cracking.


Oftentimes, windows are smashed out when an opportunistic criminal sees an item inside the vehicle that they think they can sell. In other cases, thievery isn't the intention---rather, it's just some kids out causing trouble.

Car Accident

While a low-speed accident won't necessarily result in damaged glass, there's a better chance of glass cracking or shattering when you get in a collision while driving at a significant speed.

Sudden Change in Temperature/Air Pressure

A rapid change in temperature or air pressure can cause excessive expansion or contraction of the glass. Consequently, cracks could form. This is a problem that might occur when driving over a mountain pass.

If you need auto glass repair, be sure to call in an experienced specialist. For mobile auto glass repair in Salem, and Portland, OR, contact the experts at Action Auto Glass. Feel free to give Action Auto Glass a call today for fast and flawless repairs that can be done conveniently at your home or business!

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Posted: March 20, 2021

Written and Published By MORBiZ

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