What Types of Auto Glass Damage can be Repaired?

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What Types of Auto Glass Damage can be Repaired?

What Types of Auto Glass Damage can be Repaired?When something is flying at your windshield it's like time slows down. Everything is suddenly in slow motion as that tiny pebble gets kicked up from the tire of the vehicle in front of you and heads straight for your windshield. Clank! The highway just got you a present, a nice little rock chip in your windshield. Depending on the size and location of the damage the auto glass may be able to be repaired, but other times your best option will be to install a new windshield or other piece of glass. These are the 5 most common types of glass damage and their likeliness of being able to be repaired.

Star Break

A star break or star chip will have a pattern resembling that of a star, often with two or more cracks protruding from the center. This type of break can generally be repaired, but the chip may still be slightly visible after the fix.

Bullseye Break

Bullseye breaks are one of the most common forms of chips, often the result of a small rock hitting the windshield They will appear as a small hole with a dark circle around it. Thankfully, as long as they are less than about the size of a quarter then can usually be repaired, but the original point of impact may still be seen.

Half Moof Break

These are also known as partial bullseye chips and they look similar to bullseye breaks but are only a half circle. This will happen if the rock or other object that hit the windshield comes in at an angle, rather than straight on. This makes them more difficult to repair, but usually can be.

Combo Break

As the name implies, this type of chip has features of multiple types of breaks. Depending on their size, location or if they have severe cracking or not, they may be able to be repaired, but some damage would likely still be visible. A new windshield may be your best option to avoid distortions in your glass.


A crack is a single line that crosses over the surface of the windshield. Depending on its length and location it may be possible to repair it. Severely cracked windshields will need to be replaced.

If your vehicle has suffered glass damage and you need windshield repair in around the Oregon cities of Portland, Salem or The Dalles, head to Action Auto Glass. We offer expert windshield and auto glass repair for all makes and models. Give us a call at the location nearest you to request an estimate for auto glass repair in Portland, Salem or The Dalles.

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